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 The System of Martial Arts "TEN PETALS" is rapidly becoming more popular. Unfortunately, at present not everyone has the possibility of participating in person in our group training sessions, especially people living in cities where we have no subdivisions. 

In this connection, Our Center Management has decided to organize a distance training  groups.  The learning process in these groups will be based on videos supplied with teaching materials and involves participation in seminars at least twice a year.


The plans of the workshops are the following:

- A deeper study and correction of the technique.

- Learning the basics of the teaching methodology.

- Providing additional learning materials (printed matter, video tutorials, which are not in the public domain).

- We plan to form small groups to practice, to provide individualized approach.


Conventionally, the training will be carried out under the following headings

- wellness section

- sports section

- applied (hand-to-hand) fighting

 Each section can be studied separately.


The training sessions are conducted by the Center's leading instructors. With successful study of all areas, you become an expert with the relevant certificate.

After successful certification you get the instructors level on the System of martial arts "Ten Petals" with the right to open a branch in your city. The organization of distance training groups will begin January 01, 2017. 


More about our system you can find on our official website: www.tenpetals.ru






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